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North Cape destination 71° 10 ‘ 21’’

After almost 9000 km, Alessandro and Emilio arrived home. They are happy and incrediby tired. This is the diary of their unforgivable journey to North Cape.

Nuremberg, Germany. The final heavy rush.

 <font face='DIN Condensed'=white>  Nuremberg, Germany. The final heavy rush. </font>

Now, Alessandro and Emilio left Nuremberg and they are driving through Germany the last kilometers of they journey. Emilio's bike was adjusted in a little and after a deep sleep, they are ready to go. 

We are waiting for them in Italy and meanwhile, we ahow you some great pictures taken in Norway and Finland.

Łódź, Poland. A long day. 1300 km to home.

 <font face='DIN Condensed'=white>  Łódź, Poland. A long day. 1300 km to home. </font>

Yesterday was a terrible day. Alessandro and Emilio were driving through Poland after passing through the Baltic States. It was around 9 pm, they were moving fast and travel for many miles, they were tired and wanted to come home, when Emilio's rear tyre exploded. He heard a BOOM and suddently risked to loose his bike control. 

Fortunately, Emilio is an expert driver and kept a cool head. So He was able to pull over and not fall down. We are all relieved!

 <font face='DIN Condensed'=white>  Goodbye Finland! From Helsinki to Riga, nonstop. </font>

Goodbye Finland! From Helsinki to Riga, nonstop.

Alessandro and Emilio are climbing down like furies. Yesterday they covered 600 kilometers in the morning, arrived in Helsinki and took a ferry to Tallin. Unloaded their bikes, they drove 300 kilometers more and finally arrived in Riga. In Latvia they are suffering the temperature: “Now is +2°. We sweat if we are not moving. We have to drive fast or go back to the deep North.”

From Helsinki to Tallin by ferry. Alessandro and Emilio say goodbye to Finland and are ready to discover the Baltic states. Say "Hello" to our heroes!

On their way back. Next stop Helsinki.

 <font face='DIN Condensed'=white>  On their way back. Next stop Helsinki.</font>

Alessandro and Emilio are coming home through the cold Finland. They are moving very fast. After meeting Santa Klaus, they left Rovaniemi towards Helsinki. They plan to drive for 600 kilometres in order to reach Finland Capital and than board for Tallin.

Direction: Rovaniemi, Finland. Santa Klaus, we are coming!

 <font face='DIN Condensed'=white>  Direction: Rovaniemi, Finland. Santa Klaus, we are coming!</font>

Driving for 700 kilometers, on a long lonely road completely covered by snow and ice. Studded tyres hang on and Alessandro and Emilio keep on driving despite cold and freezing weather.

Lapland, Finland

 <font face='DIN Condensed'=white>  Lapland, Finland</font>

Amazing Green Northen Light left them breathless.

These images repay all the efforts and the difficulties. Emilio and Alessando have no words to describe such overwhelming beauty.

Incredible colors and lights above a snow desert.

Brave riders portrait. Say cheese!

Almost North Cape. Last kilometres.

 <font face='DIN Condensed'=white> Almost North Cape. Last kilometres.</font>

Last kilometres before the final destination are the hardest ones.
Alessandro and Emilio passed through a snow and freezing storm. Temperatures arrived at -20° and they have to stop due to extreme weather conditions. 

At the same time, they blew a tyre. They old their breath for a moment. it's not easy to find a mechanic in the middle of Northen Norway desert roads. Luckly Alessandro and Emilio find one and in a little the tyre was adjusted.

Setermoen, Norway.

 <font face='DIN Condensed'=white> Setermoen, Norway. </font>

In the middle of nowhere. In a desert land. Two motorbikes seem to be unstoppable. Alessandro and Emilio drove for hours having little rest only to eat and sleep. They want to arrive as soon as possible in the Deep North.

In such a big and tough journey, technical preparation is really important. To ride on ice, Alessandro and Emilio studded their motorbikes tyres.

Lofoten Islands, finally Green Northern Lights!

Alessandro and Emilio are almost near to North Cape.
Folk Norwegian music from the tent to their helmets. Yesterday was a long day, driving in the middle of a snowstorm was really hard.
The atmosphere is intense, it’s dark but everybody is kind and a little bit’ crazy. They are laughing, always positive full of adrenaline and energy at -21 ❄️ Stay tuned!

Bodø, Norway.

 <font face='DIN Condensed'=white> Bodø, Norway. </font>

Ferry to Lofoten. After more than 3.000 km, Alessandro and Emilio are finally arrived to Bodø. A brief break, a coffee, and they are ready to board. Direction: Lofoten.

Frosta e Tverlandsvegen (Mosjøen), Norway. Towards Bodø, Norway.

 <font face='DIN Condensed'=white> Frosta e Tverlandsvegen (Mosjøen), Norway. Towards Bodø, Norway. </font>

Greetings from Norway!

Björkäng vägkrog, Sweden.

First day of the year like riders on the Sweden Storm.
After passing through Denmark, finally Alessandro and Emilio arrived in Sweden. 2018 is just begun in a brilliant way. Happy New Year!

 <font face='DIN Condensed'=white> Björkäng vägkrog, Sweden. </font>

Towards Denmark.

<font face='DIN Condensed' size='7' >Towards Denmark.</font>

Weather conditions at top: rain and cold. Nothing can stop Alessandro and Emilio through German roads towards Denmark.

Bomboogie, Baldissero (Turin).

After a long preparation, finally Alessandro and Emilio are ready. The motorbikes just arrived,  a fast stop at Bomboogie and then straight to North Cape. Stay tuned!


<br><font face='DIN Condensed' color='white'> #bbridersclan </font>

Ready for the departure?
The adventure is going to start!
It is time to warm the motors up.
We have always liked the challenges.
Alessandro and Emilio propose us a very hard challeng.
 Do not back out!

Destination North Cape

It is going to start a great adventure on two wheels. The protagonists will be two young italian riders:  Alessandro Broglia ed Emilio Cataldi.
Destination North Cape. Departure: 30 December.   
Vehicle: Ducati Multistrada Enduro 1200. 
Kilometres to be covered: 9.000
A journey destined to enter to be part of the history of the motorcycling. Follow Alessandro and Emilio on Bomboogie social network.

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