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Destination North Cape

<br><font face='DIN Condensed' size='7'> Destination North Cape<br>  #bbridersclan  </font>

Ready for the departure?
The adventure is going to start!
It is time to warm the motors up.
We have always liked the challenges.
Alessandro and Emilio propose us a very hard challeng.
 Do not back out!

Fino a Capo Nord su due ruote

It is going to start a great adventure on two wheels far away. The protagonists will be two young italian riders:  Alessandro Broglia ed Emilio Cataldi.
Destination North Cape. Departure: 30 December.   
Vehicle: motorcycle. 
Kilometres to be covered: 9.000
A journey destined to enter to be part of thehistory of the motorcycling. Follow Alessandro and Emilio on Bomboogie social network.  

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