city munich

C I T Y  P R O J E C T   #  M U N I C H
Urban style to live the city

Urban spirit
The City is your home
The road is your way to express

Grab your life by the horns
Wear your personality
Don’t hide

@EmmaEmsn in Munich for Bomboogie

Munich is a young and trendy city in southern Germany.

55 Eleven is a cool and stylish bar perfect for an Happy Hour in Munich. Near the Universität it the meeting point for young people. It is the right place for you if you want to try new flavors and cocktails. If you are around, you may have a stop here with your friends.

Die kleine Kneipe is an underground bar loved by unconventional people. Giesing is a district located at the extreme periphery of the city and is the best place to meet young men and women and to listen to good music.

“Schlachthof“ della Poccistraße is an old slaughterhouse, now transformed in a cool location by young skaters and sprayers. Day and night you can find boys and girls training at the skatepark or street writers painting on the walls.

Perfect fit for your days out in the winter:

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