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bermuda & shorts

In the Bomboogie collection, which wants to offer a choice of the look according to the occasion, it is women's bermudas and shorts that are the perfect garments to wear every day. Fashion confirms that the modern woman can wear bermudas and shorts even for an aperitif in the city or an evening out with friends, freeing this historic garment from being relegated only to particularly sporty and informal moments. It's the look of the moment: bermuda shorts and shorts paired with tops, oversized shirts or a simple t-shirt create a perfect outfit for any occasion. They can be found in different colors from the most sober blues, blacks or in classic beige tones or in beautiful patterns a la mode with floral patterns or tone-on-tone or multicolored stripes. Very trendy are the micro patterns in muted colors or the animalier style. The fabrics are also varied from the classic in natural fabrics such as cotton or cool linen suitable for summer or even ultralight such as elegant silk and satin. Sometimes the lines are reminiscent of underwear garments, but it is the details such as buttons or side slits or a small belt that make these simple garments more sophisticated and that can be worn in the name of maximum comfort with a touch of glamour. The length also creates the difference between bermuda shorts and shorts, some models reach above the knee others more fashionable for the very young are short, enriched a small turn-up. They are made with coulise at the waist to wear them more easily, other models feature a belt with a side zipper. They are garments that can be paired with blazers or jackets to achieve a suit effect that is also preferred by the youngest.

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Navy Blue +5 colors
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