Dedo Driving School


Bomboogie has just started an exciting collaboration. The brand realized new uniforms for Dedo Driving School working with Lust4Life and the artist Bruno Zanino. The Italian driving school was founded in 1999 by Alfredo De Dominicis, and it is specialized in safe drive and staff training.

Who is Alfredo “Dedo” De Dominicis?
Dedo is a professional rally driver internationally well-known. Since he was a little boy passion for motors runs on his blood and speed is part of him. He stood out in numerous national races and in 2002 and 2003 he took part at Rally World Championship. He won lots of races among which Rally of Maine in USA and Rally of Rome.

Bomboogie and Fabio Zanino
For Dedo School uniforms, Bomboogie thought about something different, something that will mix its passion for motors and its camouflage attitude. The Italian street artist Fabio Zanino perfectly captured all these aspects and revisted our iconic logo.
Fabio used to work trasforming urban objects. His creative process starts decomposing the object into minimal parts and assembling it again and again in way strictly connected with the City.
Zanino interpreted Bomboogie logo combining urban theme and motors passion. He used different elements typical of both worlds: rust, oil, graffiti and asphalt.

Lust4Life is an Italian project born from passion for design and urban art. The idea behind the project is to bring contemporary art on unusual canvas, such as objects design, clothing, or forniture.

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