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Men's sleeveless vests are a good compromise for the mid-season. The sleeveless down jacket or padded vest was born to meet the needs, especially of the sports world, to have an item of clothing that was warm but could leave great freedom of movement. Used in all outdoor sports practices, today sleeveless jackets have gone far beyond the sportswear lines by entering on par with common jackets and vests used in daily life, as valuable pieces of clothing with casual style. Men's sleeveless down jackets are also being worn in combination with more demanding garments partly because of their innovative design, excellent finishing and high-quality fabrics: feathers, leather, nylon and soft shell. Natural fabrics are carefully selected and juxtaposed with new, high-tech, high-performance synthetics. The fillings are lighter, with high-quality linings and the outer shell is able to retain heat for a long time, at the same time the fabrics used are highly breathable. This combination of materials makes men's sleeveless down jackets suitable for all seasons and all climates. The modern design with understated lines, high collar, durable zippers and convenient pockets also closed by zippers, make Bomboogie down jackets, practical garments also suitable for hiking and all outdoor activities.