Black Coats

Black coats

Here Bomboogie black coats collection. Black is urban, like the spirit of the Italian Brand. Urban inspiration heads the whole collection: essential cut, style and utility, no frills and determined design with strong character.

Black is Bomboogie’s colour. Black, not dark. The collection is rich of styles for man and woman: black leather jackets, black parkas, black down jackets and the black iconic bomber 603. Black does not mean melancholy, it is sobriety, it is style that goes beyond temporary fashion.

Style and utility

Details make the difference.

Fur hood borders, lining quiltings, wide zipped pockets or pockets with buttons. Everything is refined with great care, everything is conceived keeping in mind wearability and practicality. Stitching are resistant, lining gives warmth on the coldest days.

Wearability is the ability of a garment to perfectly fit who is wearing it. Comfortable and versatile but always modern and contemporary styles.

<br><font face='DIN Condensed' color='white'>Style and utility </font>

High quality materials

High quality fabrics determine the value of the garment.

Bomboogie outerwear stands out for the attention in the selection and coupling of fabrics and materials. For padded jackets, there are used just resistant, warm, water resistant and wind-stop materials. Specially selected to stand low temperatures and face the coldest Winter days.

Bomboogie leather is soft and resistant. Soft to the touch and easy to wear. Coats made of woolen and wool melange fabrics that give warmth and absolute comfort sensation.

Jacket padding may be both real down 700 fill power or down-like, but anyway highly performing. The outcome? An ultra light padding that guarantees perfect insulation whatever the weather conditions.

<font color='white'> Infinite shades of black </font>

Infinite shades of black

For Bomboogie life is not grey. Black is the most dense and intense colour in the world. Deep black like the depth that comes down on the city at night. Black like the colour of morbike’s wheels. Black like the ink that spreads on a white paper.

It takes a lot of character to dress black. Show your personality with Bomboogie.

Discover our black jackets and parkas!

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