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Iconic jackets that go beyond fashion trends.
Down jackets, parkas, coats, winter jackets. Outerwear featuring essential and modern cuts, unique urban style, for the busy lives of men and women who want to live with style and comfort.

Exclusive fabrics
The value of outerwear is due to the materials used. You need the best performing fabrics to resist cold, wind and rain. Bomboogie researches, selects and uses the best high quality materials for its products.
Bomboogie often uses a combo of more than one material as cotton-polyester. The result is a material resistant like polyester and breathable like cotton. Or, for example, polyester popeline or neoprene, both of them used to create technical jackets, sport and perfect for low temperatures.

As regards padding, Bomboogie chooses both natural and synthetic materials of good insulation property. They will keep you warm even during the coldest Winter days.
The greatest care is given to the finishing touches to protect items from wear and give them downproof property. The fitting is perfect, style, lightness and carachter are guaranteed.

Top Winter jackets
Bomboogie creates its iconic jackets for strong and determined women and men, who live their lives without losing themselves. Men and women who want to go beyond the trends, beyond the streets and the horizon they already know.

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