Bomboogie Propeller

B O M B O O G I E # P R O P E L L E R

Two guys.
A tuk tuk.
A journey.
A faraway destination.
Finding traditional recipes and true stories.
Stories and food, food and people, people and journey, journey and faraway lands.
Direction: unknown destinations.
The allure of adventure.

Guglielmo e Cameron for Bomboogie.
Follow the adventure

Guglielmo is a globe-trotter chef and Cameron an ingenious filmmaker. Last year they left together Milan and got Singapore swapping food for stories. Each stopover of their journey is a meeting with new people, each meeting mixs recipes, cooking, stories.

The journey is not finished yet. We are now on Shillong Mountains, centre of Meghalaya State, region with the highest biodiversity in the world. Guglielmo and Cameron got a tuk tuk to continue travelling. It was old and battered and they got the car back in shape with a team of expert blacksmiths. Great man power, small incidents: a day we broke the handbrake. But this is all part of the adventure.

Bomboogie is with them.
And you?
Enjoy the ride!

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