Cameron & Guglielmo adventure

B O M B O O G I E # P R O P E L L E R
G U G L I E L M O    &    C A M E R O N    A D V E N T U R E

Life is an adventure
But one adventure can be worth an entire life

This is Guglielmo and Cameron’s journey. They on their tuk tuk swap food for stories around the world. They explore new places looking for new recipes and new friendships. Food is the common denominator but apart from that, each day has its own story, each story is different from all the previous one.

From Milan to Singapore. The whole year spent exploring and cooking.

The adventure continues towards India when the tuk tuk arrives.

In North India to learn the old receipes for Momos.

“The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride” in Kathmandu.

Before coming back to India, a step-over in Nepal, an amazing and surprising land.

Toward South, seaside direction. It is time to cross the desert.

Crossing the desert is not child’s play. And with a tuk tuk is even more serious.

Travelling the world you learn how to cope with problems. In Singapur, Cameron and Guglielmo invented “Banquet of stories”.

Singapore, here we are. The prismatic city where the sunset dashes against skycrapers and creates light reflections.

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