Camouflage Trend

Bomboogie’s army mood is part of its brand identity as well as utility concept is part of its style. Utility means not just fashionable details chosen casually but always functional design without excesses. Camouflage pattern comes from the army world and perfectly matches with the idea of low visibility of the brand.

<br> Camouflage Trend

Camouflage is interpreted in a new urban key and it is part of Bomboogie’s identity.

Camouflage means disguising. Concealing.
Do not appear, as the authentic spirit of Bomboogie.
From the first years until now, camo pattern has been the fil rouge of all the collections.

Over time camouflage idea evolved many times. Studies on design, colours, usage transformed it. Every time it changed its faces and its aspects exactly like chameleons do.

The view of the town from a plane becomes a camo pattern.

The continuous repetition of the logo creates a camo pattern.

Studies on camo pattern.

Studies on colours.

Camouflage walls in all stores.

Discover the camo face of the collection.

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