Waterproof jackets

Waterproof jackets

What do you ask to a Winter jacket?  You want it to be warm, comfortable and more than anything else you want it to be waterproof. Waterproof jacket collection signed by Bomboogie is conceived for you who are busy from day to night, who live the city and need a jacket to be protected in any weather condition.
Discover waterproof jackets for men and women.

High innovation, high perfomance

Imagine a warm and dry Winter. You will feel this way with a Bomboogie waterproof parka.

Come rain or shine you will feel free to stay outside without fearing the cold.

For the outerwear world, the biggest challenge has always been to create high-performance items. To say it in three words: light, insulating, warm.

Thanks to research for new materials and to the improvement of productive techniques, today Winter down jackets and coats already reached high standards. As regards urban apparel, we use fabrics that guarantee excellent performances which are close to those of technical garments.

W like waterproof

Down jackets, parkas and light jacket of urban and contemporary inspiration. They are conceived for you who are looking for a comfortable jacket without giving up style. That’s the idea on which is based the line of waterproof jackets.

These outerwears mix modern and easy to wear design and high performance materials. Designed and crafted to keep you warm and dry all Winter long. For the production Bomboogie uses innovative materials like softshell and resistant fabrics that do not fear usage.

They are not just rain resistant. Our outerwear are studied in the tiniest details. The external material is water resistant, specially treated to guarantee down proof in down jackets and other padded jackets. At the same time, we are working to find materials able to guarantee wind resistance and insulation from cold temperatures. We aim to offer always the highest comfort.

You will wear this jacket from day to night all Winter long.

Dry but with style

<font color='white'> Dry but with style </font>

To have character means to be confident. Who wears Bomboogie shows its self-confidence.
Nothing is more important than the comfort given by a jacket that keep you warm and dry. You will immediately feel it. Moreover, clean and essential lines characterize the styles: passe-partout for every look.
Here a jacket to live the city and feel safe and comfortable, in one word, self-confident.

For Him

<font color='white'> For Him </font>

A waterproof jacket is a must have in your wardrobe. You will always need a overcoat for mid season, a parka for Winter days or a down jacket for casual and young looks. Bomboogie collection offers a wide range of styles: short and long down jackets, padded parkas with detachable lining and field jackets. Discover waterproof jackets for men.

For Her

<font color='white'> For Her </font>

Dress with style does not mean you will suffer from cold, doesn’t it? If you believe this, we are agree with you. Warm parkas embellished with fur hood border, strong military details, coloured down jackets for those who do not love dressing black all Winter. For a comfortable and strong look, discover our waterproof Winter jacket collection for women.

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