Bomboogie conveys its mission using a concept that expresses a strong and resolute philosophy: to stand out without drawing attention, always feeling at ease, in harmony with people and places, always in the right place at the right time.

This is the philosophy that completes the brand’s claim. Blending in without disappearing, for those who instinctively express a strong personality which naturally looks to the future.


Embodying speed heading towards a target. Belonging to the road. Constantly travelling because every place is the right place. That’s the only way to feel at home. Always at ease, in the right clothes and in the right way. Without attracting too much attention, because you don’t need to draw attention to yourself to prove you have personality. To be what you wear, with style and character. To know the right size for a perfect job.

Can you see it?

UTILITY ARMY The brand, which has always been associated with the utility army world, has now evolved with a clean design for collections inspired by practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Bomboogie was the name of an American B17 flown by US Air Force pilots during the Second World War. The plane took off for the last time in 1944 and disappeared in mysterious circumstances. We like to think that it managed to cover its tracks during a secret mission. Hence the Bomboogie name and logo, symbolised by the propeller that even today keeps it flying:

Heroic Leadership.

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