our history

Our History

Bomboogie story is written in its own name.

Bomboogie was an American B17 used by US Air Force pilots during the Second World War. The last time the plane took off was in 1944 and then it disappeared in mysterious circumstances. It may had covered its tracks during a secret mission.

That’s the origin of Bomboogie’s name and logo.

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This is a story linked to air force, rich of iconic jackets and symbols.

As for example the Nose Art, strictly linked to Bomboogie. It is a decorative art which paints aircraft noses with pin-up images.

It was the pilots that started this trend to bring good omen and to drive out fears.

Thus, the first collection was inspired to this pioneers pilots of the air force. From that time, Bomboogie strengthened its link with army utility world and urban context. Essential line and clean design with great attention to technical materials used.

Bomboogie’s men and women are ready to face every situation on their roads across the sea or to mainland at the discovery of modern metropolis.

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