Did you wear a BOMBOOGIE PARKA yet?

How difficult it is to find the right jacket for winter?
To a winter jacket we ask a lot: we want it to keep us hot, even when outside temperature goes below zero, we want to wear it all days without getting bored at it, we want to be at ease in dressing it and, why not, we even would like it to be perfect for casual and formal occasions.

Forget the cold!
Bomboogie Parka is THAT kind of jacket, the one in the morning you can’t wait to put on so you can forget the cold. Hot and comfortable, they are not just words.
Bomboogie parka: real down padding, cotton-polyester exterior fabric, fur hood border.

  • Down is one of the finest padding thanks to its great thermal resistance and lightness. Its air trapping property makes it an effective insulating: think to high mountain winter jackets or to duvet covers. Moreover, down is so light and comfortable to wear.
  • Cotton-polyester is one of the most used fabric for outdoor items, waterproof and windproof. It is a blend of cotton and polyester, it maintains all cotton’s characteristics, breathable and soft. Cotton-polyester items are durable and can be washed in the washing machine without getting ruined or loosing their shape.

Autumn in Bomboogie
Bomboogie parka stays with you day after day, all winter long. Pure Italian style, essential and modern cut, great urban-army inspiration. It has been created for determined people, for who wants to live life to the fullest, who loves standing out without drawing attention.

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