Titanium Eyewear



Bomboogie men and women know how to look ahead.
Beyond the present. Without hesitation. Toward the faraway horizon.

Titanium eyewear are the perfect tangible materialization of the brand’s vision. A combination of arts, technology, design realized in cooperation with Blackfin, an Italian brand specialised in the production of eyewear in titanium.

The research and development of prototypes has been carried out in order to offer the highest performances. Eyewear, made in Japanese titanium, are totally hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, 48% lighter than eyewear made of other metallic frames. A perfect example of Italian talent.

The titanium

A chemical elements resistant to corrosion. Well known for the resistance/weight good ratio. It is light, hard and of low density.

Ever since its discovery, thanks to its particular properties titanium has been used in special fields that require excellent technical performances: aeronautic, militar, medical and athletic fields.

A concentration of technology

The raw material arrives directly from selected Japanese producers and it is shaped using the most innovative technologies in order to get the most of all its specific features.

Eyewear stems are iper flexible since they are made of Beta Titanium. The frontal frame is derived from a tough sheet of Pure Titanium, hard like steel but 40% lighter than it and two times more resistant than aluminum.

Enjoy Your Vision.

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