B O M B O O G I E # P R O P E L L E R
A  Y E A R   I N   T R A V E L  

A meeting.
A crazy idea.
Paris on the background.
Un Italian guy and an American guy.
A chef and a filmmaker.
Two backpacks, 30 kg each.
The desire to travel.
The desire to leave.

This is how everything started…

Travel is unexpected. We are in Vietnam in an earthly paradise, in name and in fact: Paradise Island. In front of Cameron and Gugliermo just sea as far as the eye can see, the sky that embraces the horizon, a desert beach… full of garbage. What to do? It was a big disappointment, but they could not give up. The only thing to do was to roll up the sleeves and start cleaning…

From Milan to Singapur and even beyond.
Ideas are not unchanging, they are not static but modify and evolve. So did the idea of Cameron and Guglielmo: their final destination would have been Singapur. Now Singapur is the starting point of a new travel…

Travel is unexpected. Life is unexpected. Stay ready.

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