Bomboogie Riders Clan Vietnam

Vietnam, December 2019.

After 4 days in Bangkok we drove to Hanoi and there we begun our Vietnam exploration journey. A green land full of forest, small scattered villages, people with big smiles and traffic-free streets.

Small baggage, few commodities, few things to do. Only the street to follow till you can. Time expands, haste fades, the heart swells with enthusiasm, the road opens in front of you and that's the only thing that exists. Let's go!

Hanoi. You cannot say you knew the chaos if you have not seen Hanoi streets. People everywhere, motorbikes everywhere, bicycles and animals as well. A damned mess! Vietnam capital is crowded and delirious. As soon as we landed we knew that we had not enough time, motos were our priority. We worked on them all day long and the subsequent day at dawn we left toward North toward Sa Pa. Traffic and noise at our back.

Landscape changed. One of the most fascinating places I've ever been is Hồ Thủy điện Bản ChắtIl. Green everywhere, a green big breathing lung.

We just decided the direction, then the journey came out by itself. We travelled through villages and walked half desert streets. The engine working constantly and the thoughts following the street. The sensation of extreme freedom is the memory I got from those days.

People are special, an innate kindness that warm up your heart. They smile to you and their smiles deeply touch you, with sincerity. They have nothing, still they are happy. Sometimes I wonder if it is not us who are mistaking something.


“I have always loved the challenges.
The motorcycle for me is a continuous challenge. Always trying to exceel the limits. I do not place boundaries. 


“Between Alessandro and me, he has always been the driving, the man of the ideas. I am different, methodical. I repair everything. Instead, when I drive I go as it comes. I don’t think. Cool head they say. A healthy dose of thoughtless unconsciousness, I think.
Ale and I are really friends. Motorcycles have always been there, KEEPING US UNITED.”

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