Last story from India

B O M B O O G I E # P R O P E L L E R
O N E  B I G   P A S S I O N

Travelling around
Exploring new lands
The chef and the videomaker
One last story from India

Eight months later Guglielmo and Cameron are ready to leave this infinite land made of stories and spiced dishes. Breathless sunburnt landscapes and smiles full of humanity.
Before leaving, one last story, the one of Vijay. Vijay have a great passion: the one for motorcycles. He is a young mechanic who dedicated his last seven years to realise speed art pieces on wheels.

Now Rajputana custom motorcycles are legend. Also the actor John Abraham has been Vijay’s client, too. But everything started with only two people and motorcycle passion. The greater thing is that each bike has a unique design and its original name given by Vijay himself, such as Gulail, Bitoo, Rajmata and Laado.

Greetings from India. A new adventure is calling. Stay tuned.
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