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When the season starts to change, that's when the must-haves in the closet become women's waterproof jackets and trench coats! The new line of garments produced by Bomboogie guarantees very high standards of quality in design and materials. It is, in fact, a totally Italian brand specializing in clothing for the whole family. The lines of these outerwear spiral to the contemporary world and everyday life. Women's waterproof jackets and trench coats are perfect for being outdoors and withstanding wind, rain and all kinds of weather conditions. The choice of materials is careful and designed to protect you even in the most adverse times, but without neglecting a touch of style. The color palette of Bomboogie women's waterproof jackets and trench coats, in combination with the extreme attention to detail, that will surely suit all your looks. Bomboogie's style has been unmistakable since the brand's founding and is immediately recognizable in the lines and versatility of women's waterproof jackets and trench coats. Don't give up anything: indulge in the purchase of a tech product that can be worn every day, is full of style and praises Italian quality. Here is the Bomboogie collection of women's waterproof jackets and trench coats, now it's your turn!