C I T Y  P R O J E C T   #  B E R L I N

@andysuriandy in Berlin for Bomboogie

Berlin is Germany creative heart. The city is lively and full of students from all Europe. The underground setting and the numerous club are very attractive for young people. Andy chose three different locations for Bomboogie. The first one is Postdamer Platz. This Square is a symbol for the De located in Tiergarten District in the center of the city. Until 1989 it was spitted into two by Berlin Wall. Today is famous for the Sony Center designed by Helmut Jahn.

In the heart of the West part of the city, near Postdamer Platz, Catwalk Bar is a trendy and cool place where is possible to have a drink and relax.

The colorful lights of Brandeburg Tor at night perfectly fit with Bomboogie downjacket. This is one of most fascinating and suggestive place of Berlin.

Perfect fit for your days out in the winter:

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