Women's padded jackets by Bomboogie are fashionable and trendy items of clothing, designed to enhance the female figure and protect the wearer from the elements of the colder seasons. Perfect to wear on any occasion, the Italian brand's padded jackets are not bulky, on the contrary, they allow ample freedom of movement to carry out any outdoor activity without suffering the cold. Thanks to the quality of the materials selected, women's padded jackets are able to withstand rain, wind and all weather adversities, giving the wearer a contemporary yet unique look. Whether long or short, with or without a hood, these particular garments have a variety of colours to choose from to fully satisfy the tastes of the target audience: shades of yellow, pink, blue, white or black characterise the padded jackets and give the wearer a personal look, while materials such as nylon, polyester and cotton give the product strength and durability. Functionality and aesthetics meet in Bomboogie's women's padded jackets to reflect the sophisticated tastes of modern women and their growing ambitions in terms of style.

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