Bomboogie's line of women's beanies and scarves is designed to combine comfort, high quality and style all in one accessory: the beanies are inspired by urban style and have a contemporary design that is suitable for all ages. You can match the right scarf to the beanie, choosing from the many designs and colours available in different shades and fabrics.
The models are made from excellent, premium materials such as wool or cotton, which makes the beanies comfortable to wear on any occasion, whether in cold winter or spring, thanks also to the wide range of models and colours available.
The entire line of women's beanies is made with meticulous attention to detail, as can be seen in the finishing touches on each garment, which further emphasise the high quality fabrics and at the same time guarantee maximum comfort.
Bomboogie has long been a leader not only for leather jackets, sweaters and coats, but also in the field of accessories, thanks to the quality and raw materials used: in fact, these are the main features that are increasingly in demand on the market and sought after by those who only buy garments with top quality fabrics.
Discover Bomboogie's line of women's hats and choose the model best suited to your needs and to match your favourite outfit!

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