Bomboogie's children's down jackets are designed to guarantee maximum flexibility and freedom of movement for the little ones, and to protect them from the elements with their strong, durable synthetic padding. The quality of the materials in Bomboogie's down jackets ensures that they respect the standards and health of the little ones, while offering comfort and resistance to rain and wind.
Bomboogie offers boys' and girls' down jackets in a variety of colours and sizes to suit the contemporary style of the new generations and meet the demands of both children and parents: you can choose from sleeveless or long-sleeved down jackets, with or without a hood and in different colours. Bomboogie's children's down jackets are available in various shades of blue, pink and yellow, and feature a micro-ripstop nylon synthetic padding. They are water-repellent, breathable and windproof garments that guarantee maximum resistance to water, sweat and hostile temperatures, allowing the little ones to lead a dynamic life even during the coldest seasons. Sleeveless jackets, on the other hand, present themselves as a practical and comfortable solution for the mid-season, offering shelter from temperature fluctuations and allowing children to run and play freely thanks to the lightness of the feather-effect padding. Practicality and aesthetics combine in the Bomboogie children's down jacket line to offer the best to families and their little ones.

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