Bomboogie's kids line offers a wide selection of children's jackets to choose from according to the needs and personal tastes of the individual, all in compliance with the standards that have always characterised the brand. The brand's jackets are designed to protect the little ones from the cold and guarantee them maximum comfort and freedom of movement even during the winter season. The aim of the Bomboogie kids line is to reconcile aesthetics and functionality, ensuring compliance with standards and quality materials, without losing sight of style and new fashion trends. The target audience is a dynamic and homogeneous group that stands out from previous generations for its busy and activity-filled life. For this reason, the Italian brand is constantly looking for new products to offer modern children to meet their demands and offer quality, versatile and durable garments. Bomboogie's children's jackets are specifically designed to give the little ones flexibility and to be used in different contexts and occasions. Similarly, the wide range of colours in which Bomboogie jackets are presented allows parents and children to choose from a variety of bright or dark colours, depending on personal taste. Bomboogie's line of children's jackets offers the same stylistic possibilities designed for adults to the little ones, giving voice and freedom of expression to the child audience and its growing needs.

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