Renewing your look and getting swept up in the latest trends has never been easier or more fun thanks to Bomboogie's wide selection of men's down jackets. Available in a wide range of colours and models, all padded jackets offer the ultimate in style whatever the occasion: cuts, shapes and attention to detail to look your best at any time of day.
For you, the line of men's down jackets designed and created to face the cold of winter with grit and personality. Bomboogie's down jackets are in fact made with the latest materials: thanks to the softshell system and synthetic down-effect padding, the body maintains the right temperature with greater protection even in wind and rain, so you'll never be found unprepared wherever you are. The Italian brand Bomboogie strives daily to create quality garments, always riding the latest fashion trends.
Bilbao Vest sleeveless in micro-ristop nylon to face the first cold weather, Gijon Jacket for a casual style, Portland Jacket for a true gentleman's image, all the down jackets are water-repellent, windproof and breathable, and which one will you choose for this winter?

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