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Handcrafted metals, finished with complete mastery and highest level of craftsmanship. Everything is directed toward the soul of Bomboogie Brand: this is the essence that takes shape, it embodies Bomboogie’s identity, philosophy, image.

Springing model: the almost forgotten GSX1100, year 1983. The moto has been lightened, incredible to drive, an enormous and generous engine with new generation chassis, inverted front fork and rear shock absorber, Kineo rims, the lightest ones with spokes made of a unique technology. For footrest, braker lever, handle grips, mirror, PROGUARD (mod.motogp) who else but Rizoma, storic partner of Officine GP Design.

Black rules the moto, but in spite of this, it does not seem to be visually plain. Instead, thanks to the different nuances of black used and innovative processing techniques applied it acquires an extremely dynamic look.

Camouflage is Bomboogie essence. The distinctive and distinguishable element: blending in without disappearing, for those who instinctively express a strong personality which naturally looks to the future. For the upholstery has been used, under our indication, a silky suede camouflage that has been realized by working the leather layers with a laser, all made by Foglizzo Leather. This is how the image of Bomboogie brand comes to life, with is versatility it is ready to face the urban world threats and keep its everyday use.

We are proud to present BBMOTO, a new and specific project which target is to reaffirm and consolidate the identity of the Brand, always been part of Moto Race universe. This is a point that focuses and underlines a path that connects Bomboogie to competitions and events of the sector since the beginning. The project starts from the realization of BBMOTO, a Special realized by Officine GP Design (who put their names on works like One special di Apple and Caffè Nero, cult moto the in the landscape of Special Bike).

A wonderful “object”, a Moto conceived with the idea of representing with its clarity of lines the spirit of the Brand. A Moto made with real passion: LEAVE THE MAIN ROAD its motto, CAMOUFLAGE its texture, LOW VISIBILITY its philosophy, BLACK its colour.

The next step is the creation of a Core Collection for real enthusiasts, for our most adventurous public who is in contact with our passion for History, Art, Races, the “hand made”, the “original piece”, leather and metal. Special items and dedicated accessories, Cafe Race lines for wild meetings, for Road Racers.


CAMOUFLAGE its texture.

LOW VISIBILITY its philosophy
BLACK its colour.

Per il decennale, Moto GP Design presenta le sue migliori creazioni:

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