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Bomboogie has a collection of women's bomber jackets, a very trendy garment. For modern young women or for those who on certain occasions want to still feel youthful by opting for a sharp outfit, the bomber style jacket is ideal.
Originating as a garment in the 1980s worn by high school girls and boarding school girls as a jacket with a baseball-style collar, it has been revisited in its lines and choice of fabrics. The women's bomber jacket is now a garment that is worn at all times of day as a jacket that also protects perfectly from the cold because in the winter versions it is heavily lined with warm padding.
It is a casual jacket popular with teenagers because it is easily worn with jeans and boots, or with skirts and trainers.
The classic shape is narrow at the waist and puffy at the top, finished with elastic at the cuffs and waist and a classic central zip fastening. Women's bomber jackets are practical, used in leisure time because they have an informal line and are made of fabrics in different colours with a preference for underwood tones: military green, brown, light or dark beige or classic navy blue.
Some models are presented in quilted fabric with a diamond effect and the possibility of being made of heavy fabrics makes it suitable for the colder season or to wear for a trip to the mountains. The most modern women's bomber jacket is in a dark colour and with an inner lining in a bright colour such as yellow or classic orange.
It is the classic timeless jacket, for all women who have casual occasions in which to show off an evergreen garment revisited with details and in colours that make it fashionable.
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