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Here for you a great selection of jackets and down jackets for men. Here the new Bomboogie collection, the historic Italian brand specialised in design and production of outerwear. The company finds its roots in the tradition. The first leather jackets were the original reproductions of the legendary jackets used by aviators. The new collection looks towards the future without forgetting its origins. This way arise winter and summer jackets inspired by army and aviator clothing mixed with strongly contemporary lines. Crafted for people always on the move who love living life to the fullest. Fabrics are selected with great care: technical and innovative softshell materials are used together with more traditional ones like down, leather, fur and cotton. Products are conceived to bear all weather conditions and guarantee the highest comfort. The collection combines Bomboogie great classic bombers, long and short down jackets, biker jackets,  with more stylish products like parkas, ultralight down jackets, coats and winter jackets of modern design. Trousers e shorts, sweaters, t-shirt and pullovers complete the collection for a contemporary and gutsy total look. Bomboogie renews itself remaining loyal to its style. Its philosophy is to stand out without drawing attention to oneself. Thus were born men’s jackets with their unique and never excessive style: 100% military comfort, sturdy, ergonomic.

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