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The Bomboogie men's sweater line is designed for lovers of simplicity and practicality who love to live the day in an active and enterprising way: the brand's men's sweaters are characterised by a sober style and comfortable and versatile fabrics, suitable for accompanying the wearer during daily activities, offering maximum comfort and freedom of movement. For an informal, understated style, the brand offers classic crew-neck jumpers, suitable for wearing over both jeans and classically cut trousers. In addition to plain-coloured crew-neck jumpers, Bomboogie also offers elegant and soft turtlenecks with high collars, which are also suitable to wear in contexts that require a more refined outfit. The use of high quality materials gives Bomboogie garments comfort and flexibility of use, while the various colours in which the brand's sweaters are presented offer the customer a wide range of choice: in addition to the classic plain black, it is possible to choose from different shades of blue, green and grey, depending on individual tastes and needs. In addition, all Bomboogie men's jumpers are characterised by an excellent fit and the quality of the materials selected.

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Night Blue Faded +4 colors
Night Blue Faded +6 colors
Faded Mastic +4 colors
Martini Olive +3 colors
Deep Forest Green +4 colors
Night Blue +4 colors
Deep Forest Green +4 colors
Dark Brown +5 colors
sporty spot lights.
Sugar paper faded +8 colors
Butter faded +8 colors