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The line of Bomboogie women's sleeveless down jackets, presents its most innovative models. Unique pieces for sporty and creative women who love to wear the practicality of a garment without sacrificing elegance. Women's sleeveless down jackets, are designed to be worn in a woman's daily life in all her activities. The Bomboogie sleeveless down jacket is ideal for those who love sporty style and especially freedom of movement. They are unique garments that are practical to wear for morning fitness and at the same time for going to work or going out in the evening to a pizzeria or restaurant. The unique and modern designs of the well-known Bomboogie brand also characterize women's sleeveless jackets. They are garments suitable to be worn by a woman with a great personality and fit well with all kinds of outfits. Made from lightweight yet warm and durable fabrics, they come with high-performance synthetic padding, breathable linings, and water-repellent and windproof nylon fabric linings. Top quality fabrics and fine stitching make women's sleeveless down jackets, a valuable ally in all outdoor sports activities. The iridescent colors reflect the wearer's tenacity and strength. The double-slider zipper closure and convenient pockets also equipped with zippers complete the performance and practicality that characterizes the Bomboogie clothing line.

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