B O M B O O G I E # P R O P E L L E R
L E A V E  T H E   M A I N   R O A D :  D A R J E E L I N G

North India.
Himalaya slopes.
Deeper and deeper forests.
Narrow streets climbing up the mountains.
Direction: Darjeeling

Guglielmo and Cameron for Bomboogie.
Follow the journey.

We are in North India, in Darjeeling Region. Cameron and Guglielmo search for Tibetans place of refugee. There are some in India, a place where Tibetans people keep alive their traditions. One is right here, in West Bengal, suspended between heaven and earth, form 1980 to 2280 meters in altitude.

Darjeeling is well known all over the world for its black tea and for the Himalayan railway, but Cameron and Guglielmo are looking for something else: the old receipes for Momos. Momos are steamed dumplings, stuffed of vegetables or meat, and they are part of local traditions since centuries.

Back on the road! Tucked into the Himalayan Mountains, closer and closer to Nepal border. An impressive sightseeing welcomes each sunrise, hot Momos for breakfast. The journey continues. New friendships, new adventures…
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