Low Visibility T-shirt

Low Visibility T-shirt

<br>Low Visibility T-shirt

The purpose is to express, through the graphics of t-shirts, the brand phylosophy: low visibility.  And to create a point of contact between them and Bomboogie history. As protagonists of looks, t-shirts communicates with us throught graphics and lettering, they convey messages everyday through daily wear.

In latest years, the concept of t-shirt has evolved. From simply garment to protagonist of looks. Thus, we are not wearing just a t-shirt but we are choosing what to say and who to be. Bomboogie identity is strong and clear: distinguish without drawing attention. Stand out from the crowd without appearing. The abstract concept takes shape through graphics studies. We may see it, wear it. Communicate it. Be part of it..

T-shirts coming from heritage gain inspiration from The Nose Art: strictly linked to Bomboogie history, it is a decorative art that paints aircraft noses with pin-up images. It was the pilots that started this trend to bring good omen and to drive out fears.

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