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sweaters & pullovers

Bomboogie has always been in the business of designing and making women's clothing, ensuring unique outfits suitable for all ages. The women's jumpers and pullovers are characterised by contemporary lines that adapt to everyday life; the design is inspired by the simplicity of everyday living, combined with the choice of quality materials that guarantee durability and high performance, without ever compromising on style. The collection of jumpers and pullovers matches perfectly with the looks already in your wardrobe, allowing you to feel at ease in every situation. Bomboogie creates its collections by making each garment unique and rich in detail, starting with the choice of colour and design. The palettes of our women's jumpers are simple but at the same time sophisticated, creating combinations with a wow effect. Jumpers and pullovers are a must-have for the colder season, but they can also be used to shelter from the summer evening breeze or during seasonal changes. In short, every moment seems perfect to wear Bomboogie jumpers and pullovers, you just have to choose your favourite!

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Light lilac +5 colors
Deep Forest Green +4 colors
Deep Forest Green +5 colors
Chantilly Melange +4 colors
balance function and elegancy.
Mastic +4 colors
Lithium +5 colors