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The Bomboogie collection of jackets, waistcoats, down jackets and clothing for boys and girls is finished with the same care as the adult garments. The kids line ranges from down jackets, parkas, jackets and bomber jackets to everyday clothing such as sweatshirts, t-shirts and shorts. The quality of the clothing materials ensures maximum comfort for children, while the modern cut lines are designed for small to large people who are always on the move. The aesthetics are combined with the versatility and durability of each garment, essential features for every parent. Winter and summer jackets are created to make children feel comfortable, protecting them from the cold and all weather conditions, such as wind and rain. Practical garments made with an eye for design, to give your children a unique style. Garments designed to accompany them to school or to enjoy their free time together. Discover the Bomboogie children's collection and find the right jacket or garment for your little boy or girl.

  1. €0.00 - €99.99 10item
  2. €100.00 - €199.99 3item
  3. €200.00 and above 9item
Blue Royal/Navy blue +4 colors
Poseidon Blue +4 colors
Poseidon Blue +2 colors
Boy's Padded Parka
 Kids Habanero Red Bomboogie
Habanero Red +3 colors
Navy blue/Blue Royal +4 colors
face the weather.
Poseidon Blue +5 colors
Midnight Blue +2 colors
Off White +3 colors
Blue Depth +2 colors
Acid Yellow +9 colors
Blue Depth +1 color
Deep Forest Green +2 colors