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sweaters & pullovers

Bomboogie, an Italian brand specializing in outerwear, completes the look of classic and modern men with a selection of quality sweaters and pullovers made from fine yarns that create impeccable style even for young men who want to have a refined and classy look. Men's pullovers are garments that are easily worn without any opening and are made from wool, cashmere and cotton yarns for summer. In a range of brighter colors for young fashion or in classic tones such as gray, blue or black, pullovers can also be worn over a shirt or T-shirt. Men's sweaters are made of wool, come in heavier versions and sometimes with side slits that allow them to be worn more easily. Patterns are V-neck, crew neck, or turtleneck, for colder days or according to current fashions and habits of the man who chooses according to his taste. They are made according to Made in Italy with the finest yarns. Pullovers are worn with a more formal look paired with pants with soft and classic lines, while sweaters fit perfectly with jeans or multi-pocket pants with a more modern cut. Some sweaters are solid colors, others are striped. Very trendy are melange yarns with different shades or multicolored. Fashionable are English rib sweaters with coarse workmanship that can be worn in winter or for mountain vacations. Men's sweaters and pullovers reinvented according to the classic fashion are the models with wide cable knits or ribbed knits that differ from the shaved knit and give a more complete fit, for an unmistakable style of the casual man who leaves nothing to chance.

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Deep Forest Green +6 colors
Butter faded +8 colors
Raw faded +6 colors
Midnight Blue +7 colors
Black +5 colors
Habanero Red +6 colors
Crew Neck Wool Blend Sweater
 Men Air Blue Bomboogie
Air Blue +3 colors
balance function and elegancy.
Mud faded +5 colors
Butter faded +4 colors
Butter faded +5 colors
Poseidon Blue spray +2 colors
Off White +4 colors
Graphite Fade +5 colors
Butter +4 colors
Faded Asphalt Grey +3 colors