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It's impossible to resist the new collection of women's coats available at Bomboogie: different shades, lines and details to ensure maximum style on any occasion! It doesn't matter if it's morning or evening, Bomboogie coats are the best at any time of day. Combined with a pair of trainers, a boot or a stiletto heel, it's always the right time to wear them. All models of Bomboogie women's coats protect against rain, wind and cold, as they are made of the latest quality, water-repellent materials that ensure the right body temperature: sherpa fleece, eco-fur and softshell are just some of the fabrics used to make the coats, each of which is perfect for tackling the cold with class. A super soft-touch short eco-fur coat with hood for sheltering from rain and cold weather in style, a short eco-fur coat with lapels and large pockets for an ultra-glamorous effect, and a sherpa fleece coat with an over collar, are just some of the models you can buy on Bomboogie to make sure you're not unprepared and always up to date with fashion. From today, create your own original and authentic look by choosing your coat by Bomboogie!

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Parakeet Green +5 colors
Chantilly +5 colors
Cognac +3 colors
Lithium +5 colors
Lithium +4 colors