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sweatshirts & hoodies

The Bomboogie collection of women's sweaters and sweatshirts offers a wide range of models in a variety of colours, yarns and lines. A sweater completes a woman's look with sporty jeans or elegant trousers with soft lines or a short or maxi skirt. It is a very versatile garment that Bomboogie has created with a choice of yarns such as linen, cotton and wool, favouring softness to the touch and durability of the product. For the spring and summer season, the sweaters are tinged with pastel colours, such as lilac and teal, without neglecting the great classics, such as black, white or blue, or brighter shades, such as green and fuchsia. The sweaters range from crew neck, v-neck or boat neck models and can be wrap-around and slim fit, or softer and longer or even oversized for the trendiest and most youthful models. The Bomboogie collection is enriched with fashionable sweatshirts in both colours and models. With or without a hood, the sweatshirt is an evergreen for everyday outfits and is the perfect choice for the woman who wants an urban, contemporary and sporty style. Discover the collection of women's sweaters and sweatshirts and be inspired by Bomboogie.

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Crystal Grey +3 colors
Ice Sage +4 colors
Charcoal Grey +4 colors
Navy Blue +4 colors
Linen Cotton Knit Polo Shirt  Women Black Bomboogie
Black +2 colors
Charcoal Grey +4 colors
Tangerine +4 colors
Black +3 colors
Light lilac +5 colors
Linen and Cotton Hooded Sweater  Women Ice Sage Bomboogie
Ice Sage +2 colors
solution centric project.
Lithium +5 colors
Black +2 colors
Lithium +4 colors
Deep Forest Green +4 colors
Scarab Green +4 colors
Celery +3 colors
Lilac +6 colors