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sweatshirts & hoodies

Bomboogie's collection of women's sweaters offers a wide variety of models in colours, yarns and lines.

A jumper completes a woman's look with sporty jeans or elegant trousers with soft lines or a short or maxi skirt.

It is a very versatile garment that Bomboogie has created with a choice of yarns from wool to cotton and cashmere, favouring softness to the touch and durability of the product. 

The choice of colours is very refined, following the Italian fashion and opting for classic blue, black and beige or daring with brighter or more colourful shades.

The models are either crew-neck or V-neck, according to the woman's habits, who chooses according to her taste or to match her style with reference to the season.

Bomboogie women's sweaters can be shirts with shaved knits or with ribbed knits or with special inserts that embellish the garment making it unique. 

Fashionable for mountain wear are rib knits with coarse workmanship that can be worn in winter when temperatures are colder.

Women's sweaters for the intermediate seasons are revised from the classic fashion with models knitted in small plaits or ribbed knits that differ from shaved knits and give a more original and special touch, completing the outfit of the occasion.

The lines of the sweaters can be wrap-around with a slim fit style, or softer and longer or even oversized for the trendiest and most youthful models.

Even the details make women's sweaters a garment that enhances one's style, a sequin insert or a few pretty buttons on the sleeve are enough to make this basic garment with a touch of originality.

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